About us

Paradiso Authentic Italian is the culmination of a journey that began in Puglia, Italy - the heel of the boot. This
journey has been as colourful and as wonderfully varied astira the tiramisù we are passionate about. It was in a
Manchester neighbourhood kitchen that Mattia Paradiso’s vision began.
If it was true in his village, that the most unforgettable food came from your neighbour’s hands and your neighbour’s
kitchen, then it had to be true in UK. The vision materialised and due to high demand we launched a successfull crowdfunding campaign that gave us a new and unique working space in Manchester at Pollard Yard.
In 2023 we opened a little shop in Kelham Island, Sheffield, where you can come in and sample the different flavours as
well as collect your orders.
Beyond a carefully crafted combination of the freshest ingredients, our tiramisù is an invitation for you to join us on this journey. 
Consider our menu an itinerary for your palate to travel through the best of Italian desserts and an
opportunity to be part of a truly local produce community. Make your party, event or wedding memorable with our desserts. 
Buon appetito!